Where is the RV?

Where are Flo, Steve, Julie, Sam and Marty?

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I will also paste any messages, photos or videos they send.

UPDATE: 3PM Tuesday 09-22-2015

The RVers arrived back in Auburn, CA 09-25
and returned the RV. On Sunday, 09-27-2015,
a family dinner was held at the Cheesecake
Factory in Roseville, CA

UPDATE: 3PM Tuesday 09-22-2015

Disters lead the RV gang to the ocean
and Oceanside Pier


UPDATE: Noon -Tuesday 09/22/2015

Steve writes...

"...Sam and Brian went for a hike this morning.
Sheri and Brian then took mom to look for shoes.
Julie and Sam and I are sitting in the
Fry's cafe about to head back
to Sheri's. No other plans at this point."

Here's another
exclusive report from our
other correspondent
Sheri D...

"Brian and I took Flo to outlet mall to get
some comfortable shoes ...then for a snack at Ruby's.
Steve, Julie and Sam off on a Fry's adventure.
Planning to meet up again for a visit to ocean.
That's the latest!"

(And here's a great picture from same correspondent)



UPDATE: Monday, 09/21/2015 - 3:30 pm

RV taking a break in Palm Springs
Expect to be in Carlsbad by 7pm

Monday, 09/21/2015 - 7:00 pm

RVers made it as planned arrived in
Carlsbad and are now at Brian and Sheri's

Message as follows:

"All is well. Long drive but fun.
Marty is driving home from Logan Airport now (7:30 pm)
Prob just arriving at home in Arlington."

"We're staying tomorrow -
probably leaving early Wednesday"



Day 3 will be released shortly
(Day 1 is below)



Monday, 09/21/2015 - 2:30 pm

RV Now in Palm Desert, CA

(Just over 100 miles (2 hrs.) from Carlsbad)


Monday, 09/21/2015 - 9:45 am

Saying So Long to Marty at Phoenix Airport

(Done 9:45 -- Mon. 09-21-2015 -- See Below)



HERE ARE 7 PHOTOS of and by the


...and lots more to tell

THE RV is leaving The Grand Canyon right now
after a spectacular adventure

They are on Highway 89 on the way to
Phoenix at this very moment
(Midday - Sunday - 09-20-2015)

where they will find an RV Park for the night...

(Secret is out: Actually -they stayed at a Marriot)

Marty flies from there about noon Monday
to return to Boston... (Boo)

(They did it as planned)


The 4 people Marty leaves behind will
high-tale it across the desert to

You Guessed IT



1:00 pm Monday, 09/21/2015 - Half way there

So another family visit and adventure is in the works...

We will attempt to keep everybody fully informed !!!!

What a great trip....

Here's Sam's Time lapse video of
DAY 1 - and guess what - He's just
finished the Day 2 video which you
will see when it's uploaded.




SATURDAY 6:00 PM, 09-18-2015

And here's the answer.

They're staying in the RV Village -
just a short distance from
the Visitors' Center

Right here on B Street, Ofcourse !

SATURDAY 4:45 PM, 09-18-2015

The RV Gang made it into Grand Canyon
Parked a half hour ago
at the Visitors Center

They are parked right here

We don't know yet where they stay tonight !
They are probably finding out right now !

While they figure that out, we take you all
the way back to Hoover Dam this morning so
you can see a whole bunch of photos

When we know more, we'll add it to
the top of this page.

After the Hoover Dam trip - They got on the road
to get to the Grand Canyon National Park
before dark and they made it in good time

SATURDAY 2:15 PM, 09-18-2015
Getting closer to the park


SATURDAY 1:00 PM, 09-18-2015

On Route to Grand Canyon Park


SATURDAY 10:40 AM, 09-18-2015

RV Arrives Hoover Dam

SATURDAY 10:30 AM, 09-18-2015

On the move and about to arrive at Hoover Dam

Pictures shortly - also a video from Sam

Stay tuned


FRIDAY 6PM 9-18-2015

Drove to Lake Mead very
near Hoover Dam

Sam drove these people to their
Lake Mead RV Campsite

It's in something called the Lake Mead
RV Village

Checking in at the office.....

Their Spot!

The View from their RV Campsite

Another View from the RV Space

Before Getting There...

FRIDAY 4PM 9-18-2015

FRIDAY 3 PM 9-18-2015

More Pictures on the road.

Looking right at Las Vegas

Note the empty space where the
tracker batteries ran out (they got some new batteries)

Sam Driving - Marty Co-Pilot


Friday 1:30 PM


Our RVers left Lake Isabelle this morning on Walker Pass
between Sequoia Natl Park and Death Valley Natl Park
headed East toward Las Vegas. Ran out of Tracker power
so they are much further ahead than we show above.
Will get new batteries soon so we can continue to monitor them.
Looks like gorgeous country.
Below are some pictures received this morning.


Steve says they've been in a really bad spot
for taking and sending photos

Here's one of Flo enjoying
the passing scenery
in the RV

6 PM - Thursday - 09-17-2015
320 Miles
RV Reaches Bakersfield

(No report or pictures yet)

Looks like they'll spend the night here at the Lake Isabelle KOA
RV Park a few miles east of Bakersfield. Sam sez all is going real
well and promises photos real soon. Right now they're having some
issues with GPS and Cell connectivity.


3 PM - 09-17-2015
Passed Fresno - about 100 miles from
Bakersfield area where they will
probably stop.

PREVIOUS: 1:40 PM - 09-17-2015
Approaching Merced on Rt. 99